Tom Hardy Workout Routine to Gain Muscle

by Admin on September 24, 2012

Tom Hardy WorkoutWhen it comes to a movie titled Warrior, you’d imagine that the leading actor had to go through a workout routine that would leave the average man feeling like chopped liver. You’d be right! This is exactly the type of routine that leading man, Tom Hardy, had to endure to fill the role of Tom Conlon. With a character coming from a wrestling / MMA background, straight out of the war, Tom Hardy had to look the part. That meant going through a routine that was tailor made for the MMA professional.

The workout that he went through for the Batman character, Bane, was entirely different to the Warrior workout. The characters are from different backgrounds with completely different body types, which meant that the workouts had to be different. Bane is a bulky character with immense strength, while Tom Conlon is a lean, ground-and-pound fighter who needed speed and agility. Let’s take a look at how these workouts helped Hardy achieve his goals.

Tom Hardy Workout Regime for Warrior

The Tom Hardy workout routine for Warrior was somewhat a typical MMA circuit workout. A circuit workout is a set of exercises that are performed back to back without rest. The one thing that the actor’s trainer, PNut, suggests is taking your time, in order to maintain the correct technique. If you rush through the routine you will lose focus on achieving perfect form. He also recommends starting out with a light weight, working your way up through heavier weights as you make your way through the routine.

These sets are also to be done throughout the day, 3 days a week. To build muscle for the movie, PNut put Hardy through what he calls “signaling”. The way this works is by sending your body a series of signals throughout the day, forcing your body to adapt quicker. You do this by doing shorter workouts many times throughout the day. Hardy did it four times a day: In the morning when he woke up, at lunch time, when he got home in the evening, and before bed at night. The sets last about 20 minutes each time with a focus on skill and form, as opposed to speed. Tom Hardy focused on upper body strength and muscle tone for the sake of the movie, but you should not forget your legs.

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Tom Hardy Workout for Warrior – The Sets

Push-ups: While this may seem like an old school approach to building upper body strength, the push-up has stood the test of time. There are also so many different ways to perform a push-up these days. PNut says that the trick is to keep your body guessing. Perform different types of push-ups as you work through your routine. Start with your hands shoulder width apart, and then move to diamond push-ups, and then the more difficult fly-ups (your hands wider than shoulder width apart). You could then raise your feet gradually as you progress, to increase the angle of your body, working out more of the muscle the higher you go.

Shoulder Flies: Using dumb bells, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and slightly bend your knees to straighten your back. Starting with the weights hanging by your side, raise your hands; keeping your arms as straight as possible. The trick here is to make sure that the weight is not too heavy. You will get more done using a lighter weight and more technique, than using a heavy weight and working to failure.

Dips: You can use a chair or a bench for this. Hold the edge of the chair behind you (with the heels of your hands), fingers pointing forward. Your legs should be straight out in front of you, with only your heels touching the ground. The point here is to lower yourself toward the floor so that your elbows form a 90 degree angle behind you.

How to Do It Together

To perform these exercises in a circuit, start the first set with 10 reps per exercise back to back, then start from the beginning and do sets of 7, 5 and 3 with no break or rest period between any of them. Once you have completed the rotation, take a 2 minute break and then start from the very beginning repeating the whole circuit again. You can repeat this circuit as many times as you wish, but PNut recommends 2 – 3 rotations 4 times a day, 3 days a week.

Because an MMA fighter is fit and lean, Hardy had to add cardio to his workout regime. To help cut the fat do a run / sprint / jog HIIT cardio training regime on the days you are not doing your muscle building. If you want to follow Hardy to the T, add a heavy bag routine to the mix, and maybe some actual sparring time with a partner.

Tom Hardy Workout Regime for Batman’s Bane

Bane has a completely different body type to Warriors’ Tom Conlon. He is heavier set, bulkier and slower in his movement, but packs a mean punch. For this character, Hardy took up a formal body building routine, involving lots of heavy lifting. This routine is set on a 3 day split and a full day of recovery in between each day. The full weekend is also taken as a full recovery period. Each of the following rotations are only to be performed once a week. You will notice that each day covers most of the body as opposed to the traditional, upper body on day 1, lower body on day 2 type of regime. Doing it this way ensures a full body workout through the entire week, with the same amount of rest given to each muscle group as you go.

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Tom Hardy Workout Regime for Batman’s Bane – The Sets

Day 1
• Incline Dumbbell Press
• Standing Shoulder Press
• Bent Over Rows
• Dumbbell Snatch
• Squat
• Romanian Deadlift

Day 2
• Dead Lift
• Front Squat
• Hang Clean
• Bench Press
• Sitting Dumbbell Shoulder Press
• Chin Up

Day 3
• Renegade Row
• Clean and Press
• Pull Up
• Chest Flies
• Step Up
• Walking Lunge

Again, you do not want to work to failure with this regime. This will fatigue your muscles. Perform these sets at 3 – 5 reps, doing each set 3 – 5 times in circuit rotation. However, instead of trying to get through the entire circuit in one go, pair two of the exercises up and rest in between each two sets for 2 minutes. In other words, on Day 1, perform Incline Dumbbell Press and Standing Shoulder Press back to back and then rest for 2 minutes before moving to Bent Over Rows and Dumbbell Snatch.

As Bane needed to be a bulky character, Hardy cut out the cardio for this routine. You can add a HIIT cardio routine if you want to cut fat while you are building.

While these workout regimes are professionally tailored to work, you need to remember that no training routine will work completely without a proper diet or eating plan. Follow these steps and you will look like Tom Hardy in no time.

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